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We've started our company during the Christmas holiday in 2001. Initially, we built the website and web development for local business; we're in the information technology industry for more than 2 decades. We've successfully delivered many websites, mobilesites, enterprise applications and recently we delivered Reporting and Analytics tool which supports pharmarcy industry to analysis covid-19 patients details;

Our History

We are Telekomatrix founded in December 2001. Telekomatrix is a digital solutions provider for BigData, AI, Mechine Learning and Deep Learning, ARVR3D, ELK, Automating  the Cloud Environment. I.e AWS, GCP. We've delivered RabbitMQ metrics in GCP environment; We've collected metrics from Rabbitmq using Prometheus and using the sidecar pattern, we pushed the metrics into Google stackdriver/Cloudoperations to monitor the queues;

About Us
Team work

We've delivered more than 25+ websites, Mobilesites, and Ingested large amount of data using BigData, ELK-Stack and built the website using CMS(WordPress, Joomla); We delivered native and mobile application using Ruby on Rails, and Phonegap; We've used Apache Nifi to parse and split the structured and unstructrued data and pushed into spark and kafka streaming before persisting into dataserver;

Case Studies

Our Solutions

Data Science Solutions

Data Science deal with huge and heterogenous data (bigdata) from the various enterprise application areas. Such as Health, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, Networking, Cyber Security, Oil & Gas, Environment and Social Sicences;

Data Science Tasks:  Business Understanding, Data Gathering, Data analytics, Visual Analytics and Decision Support and Deployment

BigData Solutions

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data; Bg data is the rapid expansion of quasi-structured, semi-structured, structured and unstructured data generated mostly from internet-connected devices. Big data can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.

Big Data analytics examples includes stock exchanges, social media sites, cyber security and retail industries;

IoT Solutions

Telekomatrix enables organisations to gain new insight and to make more informative data driven decisions. IoT deliver the multitude of benefits includings, creating safer, more productive environments, delivering cost efficiencies or exploring new business opportunities; We can provide the solutions for Environmental Monitoring, Asset Management, Healthcare, Energy Management,  Precision Agriculture, Logistics and Transportation, Traffic Management and Smart Home & Building Managements;

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial Intelligence seems to be on every industries; Telekomatrix can help you drive smarter of your workflows and technologies;  Our company expertise help you to implement the data-first strategy, real-time information, AR, VR and 3D;

Machine & Deep Learning Solutions

Telekomatrix can help you to handle the Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning;

  • Classification - Identity Fraud Detection, Image Classification, Customer Retention & Diagnostics
  • Regression - Advertising Popularity Prediction, Weather Forecasting, Market Forecasting, Population Growth Prediction
  • Unspervised Learning - BigData Visulalisation, Structure Discovery and Feature 

ARVR3D Solutions

We can help you to build and deliver the AR, VR and 3D applications using Amazon Sumerian. Augment provides everything you need from 3D content to optimized AR experience; we'e supported to increase the eCommerce sales and engagement;

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Market research

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