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Telekomatrix adopts a Zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

Our Principle:

Bribery is a criminal offence paying or conspiring to pay, soliciting or accepting bribes is against the law in the UK and many other countries in which we do business.

We will not under any circumstance pay a bribe to (or) accept a bribe from, any individual, incorporated (or) UninCorporated organisation, and /or public officials in order to gain (or) retain my business advantage or for any other improper purpose. This applies not only to payments of cash but also the giving and receiving of other favors or benefits.

We require our employees and all third parties' action on our behalf to conduct business honestly and with integrity.

We Will:

*  require employees and all third parties acting on our behalf, anywhere in the world, to comply at all times with our policies and procedures which have been adopted to prevent bribery, as set out in our Bribery Act Compliance Manual

* Speak up if we become aware of any potential (or) actual breach of anti-bribery laws (or) regulations, or our own internal bribery prevention procedures.

We Will Not:

*  tolerate (or) condone bribery or any other type of corrupt activity.

* Offer promise (or) give, solicit, agree to receive or demand any financial or other advantages, whether directly (or) indirectly, in order to induce or reward improper behaviour. Where such behaviour would constitute a bribe;

* Offer (or) make facilitation payments

* Pay a bribe or participate in any other corrupt activity, anywhere in the world, regardless of local custom and practice, for the purpose of winning or retaining business, (or) an advantage in the conduct of business for Telekomatrix Limited.


* Anti-Corruption Policy
* Bribery Act Compliance Manual