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Telekomatrix designed and developed the Digital Reporting Analytics Tool(RAT) like OnlineMobileCasino which offers a wide variety of reporting options. Such as Lens, Area, Controls, Data table, Gauge, Goal, Heat Map, Horizontal Bar, Line, Maps, Markdown, Metric, Pie Charts, TSVB, Tag Cloud, Timelion, Vega and Vertical Bar. This enables you to easily analyse your data and get the detail insights; Our Streaming server and data servers helps customer to ingest the petabytes of data in a quick manner;

We've ingested the terabytes of data into Elasticsearch server and generated the reports for an analyst to do the analysis of data insights; we've helped many industries growth using our Digital Reporting Analytics Tool to analysis their problems and providing the solutions to them in a very short manner;

During 2020-2021, The Digital Reporting Analytics Tools helps many pharmacists industry around the globe to analysis the covid-19 data and provided the solutions for them;