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TelePOS  is an extremely innovative Point of Sale system. It has been conceived to provide you with all the features that standard, currently available, POS systems have, but with the possibility of extending and expanding features as your business and technology grows.
Main features
* Convenient and easy-to-use JS-based POS interface which has been optimized in real stores around the world
* Stock management including stock transactions
* Stock management for piece-package-container unit relationships
* Shipments tracking including stock transactions
* Track Coupons and Gift Cards
* Customer Database and Loyalty Card/Point System
* Sell Items and Item Groups
* Purchase Items from Customers
* Sell variable-priced lottery products and pay out lottery wins
* Timed Discounts on Location of Item, Category, or by SKU
* Generate Barcodes, Labels and Stickers
* Interface with thermal printers, or sticky label printers
* Dynamic payment methods
* Multi-lane, Multi-user, Multi-device
* Change money calculation
* Weighing and price-per-weight
* Buttons on the POS Screen for adding items without SKU
* Flexible Invoice and delivery note generation
* Scale to just about any size without much issue.
* Integration with the woocommerce webstore plugin for Wordpress
* etc.

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