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Website Design

Bespoke Website Design
“We design and develop stunning interactive websites that reach out to millions of potential clients worldwide. We can help you reach your goal in conveying your unique message to the world wide web. Our websites are made to impress, every site is built to the highest standards and with meticulous attention to detail.”

The Website Design Process
* The first step when embarking on the journey for your new website is for us to write a full proposal and brief. This ensures we are both on the same wavelength and will be working together to achieve the same goals. Depending on the situation we then build a simple site map structure and discuss the content and key messages you wish to convey from each section of your site.
* We then get to work designing and prototyping your new site. Our designers work with you to adjust and tweak their designs before passing it on to our development team who make the visuals into a working website.
* Now all we need is the content. We work with our clients to discuss what content is needed on the site. We help deliver the content in the most conceivable way. It is important that your site doesn’t just look great but also speaks to its visitors. That’s why we work with you to discuss headings, tag-lines, sales messages and body copy.
* Once the site is finished we hand it back to you to preview and share amongst your colleagues. Once you have returned your final feedback and are 100% happy with the site we unleash it to the World Wide Web. Our search engine optimisation Gurus will submit your site to vast range of search engines and directories to ensure your new website will start getting discovered sooner than you think.
Our designers and coders use advanced CSS, JavaScript, DHTML and XHTML in the all of the projects we embark upon. They have expert knowledge of the possibilities within our industry but are always trying to push the boundaries.
With years of experience we are experts in delivering website solutions that hit the sweet spot with clients and visitors and most importantly get the result you desire. If you would like to speak to Telekomatrix Interactive about building your new website please fill in the form below or contact us.

Website design with Content managed websites
Stay ahead of the competition with our custom built websites integrated with Telekomatrix CMS, our intuitive Content Management Solution. Using our Content Management System gives you complete control to author all content on your website. Telekomatrix CMS enables you to update your site with your latest products, services and offers and also features an intuitive News Feeds module that automatically publishes RSS feeds. RSS feeds are used to frequently update news and blog websites. Visitors also like to subscribe to RSS feeds so they can keep update to date with the latest news and events without literally checking back on people’s websites.

Ecommerce or B2B Website design
Generate extra revenue by selling your products online with Telekomatrix Commerce. We wanted to offer our clients a complete ecommerce solution that doesn’t just enable you to sell your products online but also gives an unfounded level of customisation and features. We tried many ecommerce solutions but none offered the full feature set we needed to deliver our clients requirements. We decided to invest time and money and got our best developers to create a full ecommerce framework that ticked all the boxes. Telekomatrix Commerce is a joy to use, has a detailed reporting engine, includes a full CRM system, lets you control your products, offers a range of delivery variations and is compatible with all major payment gateways like Pay Pal, SagePay, HSBS, Streamline and Barclay Card.